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California Campaign Consultants (CCC) is a multidisciplinary organization that teaches students the basics of professionalizing campaigns, including: campaign strategy, graphic design, voter mobilization, and debate techniques. Faculty in political science, behavioral psychology, graphic design and art, communication studies, theater, and journalism share their expertise with students. Members use their skills to manage campaigns for student government president. Two campus leaders laid the groundwork for the unique group, which is funded by the Student Association, Inc.                


  • CCC members apply campaign manage techniques to student government campaigns.   
  • CCC members apply their knowledge and skills by working on candidates campaigns for public office.
  • CCC members run for public office.
  • CCC members pursue graduate degrees in related fields, such as campaign management, public administration, public policy, and legal studies.

Career Linkage

  • Several CCC members hold public office (e. g., mayor and city council) or work in government
    (e .g., legislative assistant, state party caucus research and policy assistant, state party media relations, and the Department of State).
  • Several CCC members are pursuing or have earned graduate degrees in applied campaign management, public administration, public policy and law.

American Association of Political Consultants

2015 Annual Pollie Awards & Conference

Cal Campaign Consultants sent three students to the American Association of Political Consultants (AAPC) 2015 Annual Pollie Awards & Conference in New Orleans, La.

At the conference, students had the opportunity to network with industry professionals and hear presentations focusing on key issues facing the political consulting industry.

Students who attended the conference:

  • Meghan Boocks

    Cameron Cochran

    Tashon Coleman

    Adisa Hargett-Robinson

Dr. Melanie Blumberg judged entries in the following categories: Independent Expenditure Campaign: Down Ballot Statewide/ Mayor/Local, Municipal, Regional/Super PAC; Public Affairs Division: National Organization/Local Organization/Membership Organization/Best Use of Advocacy-Grassroots Lobbying State and Local/Illustration/Social Pressure/Humor/Negative-Contrast; Miscellaneous: Best Use of Talking Mail/Third Party; Candidate Division: Automated Calls-GOTV); Collateral: Yard/Outdoor Sign.

Faculty Co-Advisors

Portrait of Dr. Melanie J. Blumberg
Dr. Melanie Blumberg
Faculty Adviser
Department of History & Political Science


Greg Harrison portrait.
Greg Harrison

Faculty Adviser
Department of Art & Design