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A Message from the ChairpersonA Message from the Chairperson

A Message from the Chairperson

Dr. Linda Pina, RN
Chairperson, Department of Nursing

The RN-BSN program at California University of Pennsylvania was designed exclusively for registered nurses; there are no entry-level students in any of the upper-division nursing classes. The result is an innovative, flexible, relevant curriculum which is geared to specifically address the learning needs of professional nurses. California University of Pennsylvania recognizes the knowledge and skills of registered nurses by providing opportunities for advance placement credit, as well as an option to waive selected clinical experiences by portfolio evaluation. All upper-division nursing classes permit students to earn 6 to 9 credits per semester by attending classes only once per week.

The entire RN-BSN program can be completed online!

MSN in Nursing Administration and Leadership part-time program 100% online!