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Pearson Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment

Beginning April 2, 2012, the ETS Praxis I tests below will no longer be required for Admission to Teacher Education.  Instead, the tests listed below, administered through Pearson Evaluation Systems as part of the Pennsylvania Educator Certification Tests (PECT), will replace the ETS Praxis I tests.  These tests will be delivered as computer-based tests and are designed in a modular format with several modules comprising one full assessment. This will permit a candidate to retake a module without being required to retake the entire assessment. (PDE Weekly Emails 8-1-2011 and 9-19-2011).

The new tests include: Pre-service Academic Performance Assessment (PAPA) – This will REPLACE the Praxis I series through ETS of Mathematics, Reading, and Writing.

i.      Module 1 (Code 001) – Reading

ii.      Module 2 (Code 002) – Mathematics

iii.      Module 3 (Code 003) – Writing

With the PECT PAPA tests, there is no Composite Score or GPA matrix available as there is in ETS Praxis I testing.

If you took the ETS Praxis I (Reading, Writing, Mathematics) test(s), and did NOT receive a passing score you will have two years from the last test date to retake the test(s), otherwise you will have to pass ALL of the PAPA series tests. (PDE Weekly Email 8-26-2011). This two year period does not affect or change any current requirements for Admission to Teacher Education or Recommendation for Student Teaching.

To register and locate testing centers for PAPA exams, go to:

Information for Pre-K to Grade 4 Testing

Information for Grades 4-8 Testing