Decision Point #1 – Acceptance as a Pre-Education Candidate

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Decision Point #1 – Acceptance as a Pre-Education Candidate

When students who desire to become professional educators enter Cal U, they are considered pre-education majors until they are approved for Admission to Teacher Education. Once they are approved for Admission to Teacher Education, their major changes to Education. All students who enter Cal U as an pre-education major will need to maintain a LiveText Portfolio and have current clearances when they do any field experiences.

Students Entering Education

Transfer Students with 24-90 credits

Students who wish to transfer to Cal U with 24 or more credits are required to meet the GPA Acceptance Matrix for Transfer Students shown below (See Table 1). The GPA used for the admission decision must be cumulative from all previous colleges attended. The decision to accept a transfer student as a Pre-Education major is made by the Office of Admissions and is considered final.

Table 1: GPA Acceptance matrix for transfer students

No. of  Transfer Credits


0 to 23


24 to 27


28 to 31


32 to 35


36 to 39


40 to 43


44 to 47


48 to 65



Minimum GPA for Acceptance



















Students Changing their Major to Pre-Education

Students changing their major to pre-education must complete a Change of Major Form. Cal U students with 66 - 90 credits wishing to change their major to Pre-Education must have a 3.00 GPA.  They must complete all requirements to be approved for Admission to Teacher Education by the end of the first semester as a Pre-Education major using the deadline dates of February 15 (Fall Semester Requirements) and May 1 (Spring Semester Requirements).

Readmission of Students

Any student, who does not take classes for one-year, will be considered for admission to teacher education according to the transfer admission matrix in Table 1 above. Application for Readmission.