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A picture of the Eberly Science building.A picture of the Eberly Science building.

Professional Development Schools

CalU Professional Development School Collaborative:

Working Together to Create High Quality P-16  Learning Environments

CalU proudly participates in a Professional Development Schools(PDS) collaborative with five area school districts: Belle Vernon, California, Elizabeth Forward, Uniontown, and Washington.  Professional Development Schools are collaborative partnerships formed between university teacher education programs and P-12 schools to create powerful learning environments for the benefit of teacher candidates and public school faculty—all grounded in the context of meeting children’s needs.

The mission of our Professional Development School Collaborative is inquiry to improve practice of all partners, to prepare new teachers, and to enhance student learning. The PDS efforts are focused in six, research-based program initiatives.

See the photographs of the Professional Development School Collaborative here.

In Shared/Reciprocal Expertise, classroom teachers learn from CalU and our students learn from school-based experts and teaching and learning is exchanged.

Using Co-Teaching, classroom teachers and student teachers share the teaching load to meet the needs of all students in the classrooms. 

Teacher candidates will become Reflective Teacher Researchers as they learn to examine their own work through observations, journaling, and action research.

Technology Integration - School districts are equipped with new technology. Current and emerging technology applications are offered at Cal U in a variety of settings. These include teaching with I-pod, smart pad, and smart boards in face-to-face learning environments as well as online teaching for teacher candidates. Field students work with the district’s curriculum to create appropriated and current technology-based projects for public education classrooms. 

Action Research - Teacher candidates learn the process of conducting action research in the school environment with data collection, data analysis, and data-driven conclusions. This is in response to the need to employ data-driven instruction to systematically investigate their teaching as it impacts students’ learning in our public education setting. 

Through Student Services Integration CalU students who are studying to be school-based counselors, speech/ language therapists, and school psychologists are introduced to the workplace.