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Master’s Degrees

These programs are designed for students who are certified in elementary or secondary education. Students who are not certified will need to choose our track D option for our dual elementary/special education program. 

Special Education Programs for Certified Teachers

Elementary Education certified teachers can choose from the following:

Secondary Education certified teachers can choose from the following:

Special Education Programs for those without Certification

M.Ed. in Elementary and Special Education(for those without certification) (63 graduate credits):

This track is for those with no teaching certificate who would like to earn dual certification in elementary and special education. Track D leads to Pennsylvania certification in elementary education and special education and a master's degree. Graduate students who will student teach will be required to meet all requirements as are currently in place.

Autism Spectrum Disorders Programs

M.Ed. with Autism Spectrum Disorders for those (currently certified in special education):This program is intended for applicants who already hold Pennsylvania teaching certification in special education.  Upon completion, the student will hold a master's degree in special education and will be eligible to add autism spectrum disorders to his/her current teaching certificate.

Certificate: Autism Spectrum Disorders
We also offer an autism spectrum disorders (ASD) graduate certificate (12 credits). This program directly addresses the needs of today's educators and professionals who are working with individuals with autism spectrum disorders throughout the lifespan.  The proposed certificate provides specialized preparation of teachers in ASD through an innovative 12-credit hour graduate program endorsement in ASD that has at its core the provision of socialization opportunities for individuals with ASD and educational outreach materials and resources for parents and community members.

Note: Admissions criteria are similar to mentally/physically handicapped education degree program though other credentials and/or qualifications for educators, professionals and family members affected by ASD applying to this program without a teaching certificate will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.