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Department of Art and Design

The Department of Art and Design offers bachelor's degrees in art and design and a liberal arts degree in art education. These programs foster critical and analytic thinking, problem-solving and communication skills as well as individual initiative and responsibility.

You'll also develop professional knowledge and performance skills in a broad range of art media and an understanding of historical context and the role of art and design in the history of humankind.

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Members of the Student Pottery Association offer handcrafted mugs, bowls, vases and more April 27-29 in the Ceramics Studio, near Vulcan Hall. The sale is open to the public, as well as the campus community
Students, faculty, alumni and staff may submit artworks for 'SPACE,' an exhibition exploring spatial dimensions. The art show and sale opens with a reception April 16 and runs through April 23. Submissions are accepted April 10-13.

Vulcan Hall

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Studio 224

Gain valuable work experience by joining Studio 224. Our members become well rounded and experienced in the entire agency setting from initial concept through final production while interacting with professionals. We provide agency quality work at a minimal price to clients.

Vulcan Hall