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English: Current Student ResourcesEnglish: Current Student Resources

English: Current Student Resources

Scholarships and Awards

The English Department regularly honors students with the following scholarships and awards: the English Faculty Award; the Minor Major Award; the Literary Criticism Award; and the Eleanore C. Hibbs Awards for Secondary Education -- English and for Composition students. Contact the English Department for details.

Sigma Tau Delta

Academic excellence is also recognized by invitation to join Sigma Tau Delta, the international English fraternity. The California University chapter, Delta Theta, was chartered in 1959 and is the oldest chapter in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education.

Students are invited to join by virtue of their performance and GPA. The society has an annual induction banquet and sponsors various literary and artistic events throughout the academic year.

Sigma Tau Delta Awards Luncheon Spring '13

 Below Left: Michelle Golden received the English Faculty Award. At Right: Student award winners, Sigma Tau members and faculty attended the Spring Awards Luncheon. 
Michelle Golden received the Faculty Award.
Award winners, Sigma Tau members and faculty attended the Awards Luncheon. 

Sigma Tau Delta Induction Ceremony Fall '12

New Sigma Tau members were inducted into the group at the University's Farmhouse. Sigma Tau Delta Induction Ceremony Fall 12

The Society of Professional Journalists

The California University chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists helps prepare students for careers in the media, offering professional and social ties.

 2012-13 SPJ Activities

TOP ROW: Club members traveled to Washington, D.C., to see the Newseum and Martin Luther King monument.
BOTTOM ROW: Club members celebrated the holidays with an informal lunch.

 Students attend Newseum in Washington D.C.Students visit MLK statue in Washington D.C.

 Students attend SPJ Party

Previous trip to Washington D.C.

 Dr. Anthony Todd Carlisle, Below, Left, accompanied SPJ students to Washington, D.C.

A photo of members of the Society of Professional Journalists in Washington, D.C.