Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

Rapid political and economic changes in the world require that you not only understand other cultures, but that you can communicate with persons in those cultures. Familiarity with speaking and reading a modern language and being aware of how persons in other countries think about the world is pragmatic.

The Department of Modern Languages and Cultures administers four bachelor's degree programs to help accomplish this goal. Language and culture are closely aligned, and a series of culture courses, taught in English, are also available. These indicate how artistic expression, geography, and economic and historical development mutually influence each other.

Brazil and Argentina 2014 Spring Break Trip

La Belle France

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Study Abroad

Our study abroad program allows students to study any semester including summers in countries such as Spain, France, Mexico and Argentina. The program allows students to take courses at the host university in English, French or Spanish and transfers automatically the credits and grades back to Cal U. Learn more.

Costa Rica 2009

View our 2009 Costa Rica slideshow 

Scholarships & Honorary Associations

Elsbeth Santee Scholarship

Alpha Mu Gamma


Department of Modern Languages and Cultures

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