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Department of History, Politics and Society

The Department of History, Politics and Society offers undergraduate programs that use the past to help students understand contemporary society and its future.

Faculty in the Department of History, Politics and Society are engaged in exciting, broad-based scholarship. They mentor students and encourage them to become intellectually well-rounded individuals with a deep appreciation for other people’s cultures and points of view.

Students in this department’s academic programs learn:

  • To read thoughtfully, think critically and communicate clearly.
  • To analyze the history, political systems and social life of diverse cultures.
  • To be global citizens and active participants in the contemporary world through study and opportunities for travel abroad.
  • Skills that can lead to professional careers in higher education, public service and the private sector, including law.

Academic programs

Academic programs in the Department of History, Politics and Society are:


Students who meet the academic requirements are eligible for membership in Phi Alpha Theta, the international honor society in history, or Pi Sigma Alpha, the national honorary political science society.


American Democracy Project
Fredrick Douglass Institute
LaDonna Harris Native American Studies Institute
Civil War Roundtable


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