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Alumni of Cal U enjoying the time to work with younnger children.Alumni of Cal U enjoying the time to work with younnger children.


Non-degree programs allow you to earn academic credit for the undergraduate courses you complete, without enrolling as a degree-seeking student.A photo of high school students participating in a college class.

A Cal U non-degree program may be ideal for:

  • A student who needs a particular college course to enhance his/her transcript, perhaps as a prerequisite for graduate school, or to explore a University program.
  • A professional who needs a college course for licensure/certification or who wishes to add a course to his/her resume.
  • A visiting undergraduate student.
  • A high school student looking to try out a college course or jump-start his/her college education.
  • A retiree who wishes to take tuition-free classes.
  • A worker seeking retraining.

Non-degree Programs

American English Program for International Students

Improve your ability to speak, read and understand American English by Enrolling in California University of Pennsylvania's American English Program.

Personal/Professional Development

For-credit undergraduate courses allow students to explore a University program, enhance a transcript, meet professional licensure/certification requirements or add to a resume.

Visiting Students

Visiting students may study at Cal U for one term (Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring) then transfer credits back to their home college or university.

High School Early Admit

High school students pay a reduced cost, earn college credit and get a head start on their postsecondary education.

60+ College Advantage Program (CAP)

Pennsylvania residents age 60 and older may take college courses tuition-free. Non-degree, bachelor’s and master’s degree options are available.

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Request information, contact us by e-mail, or call the Cal U Office of Continuing Education at 724-938-4491 or (toll-free) 888-412-0479. Or visit us on campus; our office is on the second floor of Eberly College of Science and Technology, room 214.