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An outside view of a Cal U residence hall.An outside view of a Cal U residence hall.

Dr. Martin Zaworski


  • B.A.: General Studies, Western Illinois University
  • MPA: Florida International University
  • Ph.D.: Public Administration, Florida International University


Dr. Zaworski is currently a solution director in the Justice, Public Safety and Homeland Security practice of Unisys Corp. He has more than 30 years' experience in the public sector as a former captain (retired) of the Baltimore County Police Department, commander of the Technical Services Division of the Miami Beach Police Department and, most recently, CIO of the Broward County (Fla.) Sheriff's Office.

Dr. Zaworski has also conducted research in the area of weapons of mass destruction and been a consultant to the federal government, conducting research, evaluating public safety antiterrorism and information sharing technologies, as well as serving as a peer reviewer of grant applications for the departments of Justice and Homeland Security.


  • Biological, Chemical, Nuclear and WMD Threats in Homeland Security


  • Author: LEIM Guidelines for Law Enforcement Information Systems Planning, IAP Technology Clearinghouse, June 1998.
  • Author: "Developing an Information Systems Plan," The Police Chief. December 1998.
  • Author: "Operation Safe Schools: Using Web Technology to Support Tactical Operations," The Police Chief. October 2000.
  • Co-author: The Design of Information Systems for Law Enforcement (2000), Charles C. Thomas Publisher, Ltd.
  • Contributing writer: "Operation Safe Schools," American Society for Public Administration, P.A. Times, Vol. 24. No. 6. June 2001.
  • Contributing expert: Guidelines for Improved Automated Criminal History Record Systems for Effective Screening of Personnel (2002). Prepared by the Defense Personnel Security Research Center (Kelly R. Buck) on behalf of the International Association of Chiefs of Police.
  • Author: Assessing an Automated Information Sharing Technology in the Post "9-11" Era; Do Local Law Enforcement Officers Think it Meets their Needs?, Doctoral Dissertation, UMI Dissertation Publishing, 2004.
  • Author: "The Challenges of Law Enforcement Information Sharing in the Post "9-11" Era. American Society for Public Administration, P.A. Times. July 2004 .
  • Author: An Assessment of an Information Sharing Technology (ARJIS): Examining its Potential Contribution to Improved Performance Through the Eyes of Street Level Officers. NIJ-Sponsored, July 2005, NCJ 210487.
  • Author: Area Security Operations Command and Control System: NYPD Study Evaluation Report, Version1.0, Document No. 212187. U.S. Department Justice, Office of Justice Programs, National Institute of Justice.
  • Author: "Automated Information Sharing: Does it Help Law Enforcement Officers Work Better?" NIJ Journal. Issue 253. National Institute of Justice. January 2006.
  • Author: Fusion Center White Paper. Unisys Corp. February 2008.
  • Author: Intelligence-Led Policing White Paper. Unisys Corp. March 2009.
  • Contributing author: Defining Fusion Center Business Processes, A Tool for Planning. IJIS Institute. June 2009.

Research Interests

  • Homeland security from a police perspective
  • Public safety information sharing
  • Justice technology metrics

Service Learning Projects

  • International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP)
  • Appointed member of the IACP Criminal Justice Information System Committee (CJIS)
  • Appointed member of the IACP Police Administration Committee
  • American Society of Public Administration (ASPA)
  • Past member of the Association for Public Policy and Management (APPM)
  • Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society, Florida International University Chapter
  • U.S. DOJ, InfraGuard - South Florida Chapter
  • Past Vice Chairman - for six years - of the board of directors of the IACP Law Enforcement Information Management (LEIM) Section
  • Served as (acting) chair of the IACP, CJIS Committee (2001-2002)
  • Past member of the Office of Justice Program's (OJP) National Interoperability Standards Task Force (1999)
  • Past member of the National Institute of Justice "Practitioner advisory taskforce" providing advice in directing future R&D efforts to improve law enforcement information technology

Academic Department(s)

  • Department of Professional Studies


"The best part of my job is interacting with students and reinforcing theory with practitioner experience."

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