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Faculty in the field

Dr. Carol Bocetti

Dr. Carol Bocetti won a Recovery Champion award from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for her work to conserve and protect an endangered songbird species, the Kirtland’s warbler. Bocetti’s work has been a key factor in the growth of the warbler population from record lows of about 200 pairs.

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Dr. Mark Tebbitt

Dr. Mark Tebbitt discovers a new plant species in Boliva, and research opportunities bloom for Cal U students. Tebbitt conducted the fieldwork under a grant from the American Begonia Society.

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Dr. Mary Randall

French connection: Dr. Mary Randall provides lunchtime language lessons to workers at an electrical grid solutions company in Charleroi, Pa. “This has been my life’s passion, and these people are great to work with,” Randall says.

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Dr. Michael Hummel

Dr. Michael Hummel, an expert in leadership and security studies, recently addressed the International Conference on Human Security and Social Movements in Jordan. Criminology professor Dr. Aref Al-Khattar also attended the event and has 17 years’ experience working in Jordan.

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Dr. Cassandra Kuba

Dr. Cassandra Kuba, a specialist in forensic anthropology and historical bio-archaeology gets students involved in television crime shows. Writers from CSI: Crime Scene Investigation and more have turned to Kuba for her expert opinion on the structure of decomposed skeletons.

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Dr. Holly Diehl

Cal U’s Dr. Holly Diehl leads the Professional Development School initiative, which pairs teachers-in-training with public school educators to do research and develop creative classroom ideas.

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Fulbright Scholars

Four members of Cal U’s expert faculty have been selected to participate in the Fulbright Specialist Program. The program sends faculty abroad to consult on curriculum, faculty development and institutional planning.