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A student that just graduated hugging a professor while walking through falling confettiA student that just graduated hugging a professor while walking through falling confetti

Sean Madden


  • Bachelor of Arts in History/Spanish: Xavier University
  • Master of Arts in History; University of Notre Dame
  • Doctor of Arts in History: Carnegie Mellon University


Dr. Madden came to Cal U in 1989.  He teaches courses including U.S. History, History of American Sport, History of the Cold War, History of the U.S. Constitution and World History.

Madden has served as department chairperson, academic dean, provost, and chief academic officer at Cal U. He is currently the director of International  Studies.

He has been awarded fellowships with the American Council on Higher Education, Harvard Institute for Leadership in Higher Education and has served as a Fulbright Scholar Specialists.

Madden was born into a Navy family in Oakland, Calif. His interests include global /cultural travel with student groups. Madden has visited and or worked in 29 countries, including a 2013 Fulbright assignment in Perm Russia.

Research Interests

  • Faculty Development
  • Teaching and Learning Processes
  • Administration
  • Student-based oral history project on demise of industrial Mon Valley1980-present
  • Role of amateur sport in American industrial society

Academic Department(s)

  • Department of History, Politics and Society

Academic Program(s)

  • B.A. History
  • B.A. International Studies

Contact Information



Manderino Library 440