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Advanced Clinical Experience Sites

California University

Graduate Athletic Training Education Program

Graduate Athletic Training Assistantship Sites 2013-2014


California University Intercollegiate Athletics

California University Club Sports

Avella School District

Brownsville School District

California School District

Frazier School District

Geibel Catholic High School

McGuffey School District

Penn State Fayette

Penn State Greater Allegheny

Trinity School District

Washington and Jefferson College

Graduate Assistantship Assignments

Assignment of Graduate Assistantship Sites

Students enrolling in the Graduate Athletic Training Program do not need to work as graduate assistant athletic trainers.  This experience is voluntary but an excellent opportunity to continue developing your clinical skills while paying for your education.  Students will be assigned to clinical sites based on a number of factors including career goals, certification status, experience and interest.  Assignments will not be made until early July (after the result of the June BOC exam are announced) so students will need to accept an offer to attend Cal U PRIOR to knowing their clinical assignment.  More information on this can be obtained from the Director of the Graduate Athletic Training Program.

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For more information about the program at Cal U, contact Shelly DiCesaro at