A Cal U student taking notes off of a computer.A Cal U student taking notes off of a computer.

Reading Specialist Certification: Curriculum

All students who are accepted into the reading specialist certification program will be assigned an adviser from the reading specialist faculty. This adviser is responsible for informing you about program requirements, administering the comprehensive examination, checking graduation requirements and endorsing certification.

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Below is a recommended framework of courses to earn your certificate.

Reading Specialist Certification: 30 credits

Core Reading Courses  (21 credits required)

RSP 700     Foundations of Literacy: Theory and Instruction 3 crs.
RSP 702     Literacy Assessment and Instruction 3 crs.
RSP 703     Action Research I:  Assessment 3 crs.
RSP 704     Action Research II:  Instruction 3 crs.
RSP 705     Psychology of Reading 3 crs.
RSP 706     Literacy Leadership 3 crs.
RSP 734     Content Area Reading 3 crs.

English Language Learner Courses  (3 credits required if not already completed)

EDU 650 Supporting English Language Learners 3 crs.
EDE 704 Introduction to Teaching English as a Second Language 3 crs.
EDE 709 Develop Cultural Awareness and Sensitivity 3 crs.

Educational Research Courses  (3 credits required)

RES 800 Methods of Research 3 crs.
ESP 800 Seminar in Advanced Behavior Analysis 3 crs.

Related Electives

ECE 703 Literacy Development  3 crs.
EDE 701 Development and Organization of Curriculum 3 crs.
ELE 701 Teaching and Assessment in Language Arts 3 crs.
ELE 702 Teaching and Assessment in Reading
3 crs.
EDE 713 Language Acquisition and Development 3 crs.
ESP 610 Special Education Foundations and Collaboration 3 crs.
ESP 611 Assessment and Positive Behavior Interventions 3 crs.
ESP 701 Introduction to Behavior Analysis 3 crs.
ESP 612 Evidence-based Practices for Pre-K-8 Inclusion 3 crs.
ESP 613 Evidence-based Practices for Secondary Inclusion 3 crs.
ESP 619 Evidence-based Practices for K-12 Inclusion 3 crs.
PSY 712 Advanced Psychology of Learning 3 crs.
PSY 720 Neuropsychology of Learning Disorders 3 crs.
RES 829 Research Project 3 crs.