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A Cal U student walking on Cal U's campus with a backpack on.A Cal U student walking on Cal U's campus with a backpack on.


Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the degree.

Master of Education, Dual Certification, in Elementary and Special Education: 63 Credits

Core Courses
ESP 610 Special Education Foundations and Collaboration 3
ESP 701 Introduction to Behavior Principles 3
ESP 620 Special Education History, Theory and Exceptionality 3
ESP 739 Field Experience in Special Education 3

Specialized Courses
ESP 502 Life Skills Planning and Instruction 3
ESP 503 Assessment and Prescriptive Teaching 3
ESP 607 Early Intervention: Special Education 3
ECE 703 Literacy Development 3
ESP 612 Evidence-based Practices for Pre-K-8 Inclusion 3
ESP 622 Advanced Evidence-based Practices for Pre-K-8 Inclusion 3
ELE 702 Teaching and Assessment in Reading 3
ELE 701 Teaching and Assessment in Language Arts 3
ELE 731 Teaching and Assessment in Social Studies 3
ELE 711 Teaching and Assessment in Mathematics 3
ELE 718 Teaching and Assessment in Expressive Arts 3
ELE 721 Teaching and Assessment in Science 3
ECE 707 Leadership and Management in Early Childhood 3

Capstone Courses
EDE 795 Student Teaching Internship 3
ESP 800 Seminar in Advanced Behavior Analysis and Research Design 3
Graduate Comprehensive Exam  

Total Credits 63