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A picture of three students in a dorm room.A picture of three students in a dorm room.

Master of Elementary Education: Curriculum

Candidates for Pennsylvania certification must have completed undergraduate or graduate coursework that includes:

  • College-level mathematics - 6 credits
  • English Composition and English/American Literature (3 credits/3 credits)
  • Health and Wellness (3 credits)
  • Citizen: Geography, Political or Economy (3 credits)
  • English Language Learners (3 credits)
  • Instructional Technology (3 credits)
  • U.S. History (3 Credits)
  • Physical Science (3 credits)
  • Environmental/Earth Science (3 credits)
  • Biology (3 credits)

Students entering the program without all, or part, of the undergraduate requirements, may meet them with additional coursework or by competency tests while taking the graduate classes

Passing PECT scores are required prior to student teaching.

Current ACT 24, 34, 151 and 114 are required

Course NameCredits

RES 800 Methods of Research

EDE 701 Standards Aligned Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment3
ESP 610 Special Education Foundations and Collaboration3
ESP 612 Evidence-based Practices for Pre-K-8 Inclusion3
ESP 701 Introduction to Behavior Analysis3
PSY 712 Advanced Psychology of Learning3
ECE 703 Literacy Development3
ECE 707 Leadership and Management in Early Childhood 3
ELE 701 Teaching and Assessment in Language Arts3
ELE 702 Teaching and Assessment in Reading3
ELE 703 Field Experience 3
ELE 711 Teaching and Assessment in Mathematics 3
ELE 718 Teaching and Assessment in Expressive Arts3
ELE 721 Teaching and Assessment in Science3
ELE 731 Teaching and Assessment in Social Studies3
ELE 795 Student Teaching 9

The Master of Education without certification program requires all courses above excluding ELE 795 student teaching (45 credits).

Program requirements may include comprehensive examinations and certification tests.