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A Cal U student stands outside of a building at Cal U.A Cal U student stands outside of a building at Cal U.

Mentally/Physically Handicapped Education: Admissions

Admission Requirements:

  • Minimum overall 2.80 GPA or 3.00 GPA by calculation of last 48 credits earned verified with official transcripts from an accredited institution
  • Copy of teaching certificate (Elementary or Secondary Education)
  • Current Act 24, 34, 151 and 114 clearances (a conditional decision can be processed if at least three of the four clearances are received with proof of payment for the fourth)
  • Graduate School Application plus $25 nonrefundable application fee

Submit materials to:

Calfornia University of PA
School of Graduate Studies and Research
250 University Avenue
California, PA  15419

724-938-4187 phone
724-938-5712 fax

Out of State Students:
All students who will be seeking certification outside of Pennsylvania are responsible for securing and following the certification requirements in the state in which they intend to apply for certification.