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A Cal U student standing outside of a dorm with balloons.A Cal U student standing outside of a dorm with balloons.

Post-Master’s State Certification in School Psychology: Curriculum

The post-master's state certification in school psychology will prepare you with the clinical skills necessary to become a school psychologist. Courses focus on psychological assessment, consultation, counseling, behavioral interventions and research/evaluation. Practica experiences (approximately 300-350 hours) and an intensive internship experience (minimum 1,200 hours) are integral components of the program.

Get a description of each of Cal U's school psychology courses from our Course Catalog.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the post-master's state certification.  

Post-Master's State Certification in School Psychology: 67 Credits

Master of Science Courses (36 credits)

Area I – Psychological and Educational Foundations
Course NameCredits
PSY 702* Psychopathology of Childhood3
PSY 713 Psychology of Growth and Development3
PSY 712 Advanced Psychology of Learning3
PSY 741 Theories of Counseling and Psychotherapy3
PSY 720 Neuropsychology3

Area II – Psychological Methods and Techniques
Course NameCredits
PSY 721 Advanced Tests and Measurements3
PSY 795* Seminar in Behavior Modification3

Area III – School Programs and Organization
Course NameCredits
PSY 752 Fundamentals of School Psychology3
PSY 710* Principles of Instruction and Intervention3

Area IV – Research
Course NameCredits
PSY 761 Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology I: Univariate3
PSY 762 Statistics and Research Methods in Psychology II: Multivariate3
PSY 796 Seminar in Analysis of Research in School Psych (non-thesis option) OR3
PSY 849 Thesis Option (see student manual)3

Specialist Certification Courses (33 credits)

Area II – Psychological Methods and Techniques
Course NameCredits
PSY 722 Individual Psychological Evaluation I3
PSY 723 Individual Psychological Evaluation II3
PSY 724 Practicum in School Psychology3
PSY 734 Assessment of Personality and Behavior I3
PSY 742 Techniques of Counseling and Psychotherapy with Practicum3
PSY 756 Consultation and Group Processes3
EDU 650* Supporting English Language Learners3

Area V – Professional School Psychology
Course NameCredits
PSY 773/774 Internship in School Psychology9
PSY 798 Seminar in Professional School Psychology3

For the educational specialist certification in school psychology in Pennsylvania, candidates must attain the qualifying scores in these exams:

PAPA examination

Master's Comprehensive Examination

Praxis II in school psychology

*These courses meet the Pennsylvania Department of Education's Chapter 49 requirements of 9 credits addressing accommodations and adaptations for diverse learners in inclusive settings (PSY 702, PSY 710 and PSY 795) and 3 credits of meeting the needs of English language learners (EDU 650).