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A Cal U student sitting on a set of stairs while reading.A Cal U student sitting on a set of stairs while reading.

Post-Master’s State Certification in School Psychology


Classes begin Fall Semester

Post-Master's State Certification in School Psychology

Upon completion of a master's in school or educational psychology, students interested in practicing as a school psychologist may apply to the school psychology state certification program. Because school psychology is an applied specialty, candidates in this phase of our program participate in extensive practicum experiences and work with actual cases in our on-site clinic as part of their training.

Full-time students can complete this 33-credit hour portion of the program in just 5 semesters. During the first Fall and Spring semesters, face-to-face courses are offered in the evenings, three times per week. In the Summer, students engagein supervised clinical experiences, working with clients in our school psychology clinic. The final Fall and Spring semesters are spent completing a 1200-clock-hour internship alongside a certified school psychologist, typically in a public school setting. Students are expected to report back to campus for one additional course, one time per week while on internship. Many school psychology internships offer stipends to our students.

Once students have earned a master's degree in school psychology, completed the certification coursework, including the internship, and passed the Praxis II examination in school psychology, candidates will be eligible to apply for state certification and to practice as a school psychologist. Full-time students complete the entire master's plus certification program in three years; about one year for the master's degree and two years for the certification phase.

Steeped in a science-practitioner theoretical orientation, the program's goals are consistent with the standards developed by the National Council for the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE), the National Association of School Psychologists (NASP), and the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Our core faculty hold doctorate degrees in school psychology and have extensive experience in the field.

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