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A Cal U student giving a peace sign during their graduation day.A Cal U student giving a peace sign during their graduation day.

School Counseling: Curriculum

Our curriculum gives you the appropriate academic preparation and personal growth opportunities to serve as a professional master's degree school counselor. You are expected to develop a high level of self-awareness, a strong knowledge base and competent counseling skills in order to practice ethically and professionally within a diverse society.

Get a description of each of Cal U's counseling education (CED) courses from our Course Catalog.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the master's degree.

Master of Education in School Counseling: 48 Credits

  • School counseling certification also requires passing the PAPA prior to applying for candidacy.
  • School counseling certification also requires passing Praxis II, preferably before graduation for certification.
  • Area I core courses and required five readings needed to apply for candidacy. Please see your adviser and handbook.
  • Students may also pursue LPC (Licensed Professional Counselor). Please see your adviser and handbook.
Area I: Core Courses Required for Candidacy
Course NameCredit
CED 700 Foundations of School Counseling3
CED 702 Counseling Theory3
CED 710 Counseling Skills and Techniques3
CED 724 Experiential Group Process3
Area II: Advanced Counseling Core
Course NameCredits
CED 705 Developmental Group Counseling3
CED 720 Cross-cultural Counseling3
CED 786 Career Counseling3
Area III: Field Education
Course NameCredits
CED 711 Practicum in Counselor Education3
CED 712 Clinical Field Experience in Counselor Education6
CED 787 Integration, Collaboration and Consultation3
Area IV: Counseling and Education Courses*
Course NameCredits
ESP 610 Special Education Foundations and Collaboration3
Area V: Psychological Foundations
Course NameCredits
CED 721 Diagnosis and Counseling Children and Adolescents3
PSY 713 Psychology of Growth and Development3
PSY 721 Advanced Tests Measurements3
CED 755 Counseling Across the Lifespan: Prevention and Treatment in Schools and Community3
CED 785 Research Methods in Counseling3

Note: If you have not taken the following courses or their equivalent courses as either an undergraduate or graduate, they are now required by the Pennsylvania Department of Education (PDE) and must be taken in order to receive school counseling certification. For this reason, we recommend completing this requirement before graduation. We also recommend taking the ESP courses in numerical order or concurrently, due to prerequisite requirements in that department:

Course NameCredits
ESP 611 Assessments and Positive Behavior Supports/ESP 701 Introduction to Behavior Analysis3
ESP 612 or 613 Evidence-based Practices in Inclusion3
EDU 650 Supporting English Language Learners3