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Cal U students taking notes during class.Cal U students taking notes during class.

Master of Arts Teaching: Curriculum

The Secondary Education Master of Arts Initial Certification Track is designed for practicing professionals who wish to become certified teachers in their chosen field of study, for instance, a chemist becoming a chemistry teacher, or a history major becoming a social studies teacher. However, some students enrolled in the program are becoming certified in areas not related to their undergraduate work, such as an accountant becoming a mathematics teacher.  In these cases, the student may need to take a large number of undergraduate content courses.  In addition to course work, the program requires in-school field observations each semester and a full semester of in-school student teaching.

Total number of credits: 48 graduate credits for master's degree. The number of undergraduate required courses varies by area of desired certification. Students may be credited with undergraduate courses completed in their certification area.

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Below is a recommended framework of courses to earn your certification.

Advisement Sheets - Initial certification in the following areas: