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Comprehensive Exam

All DHSc program students will be required to complete a written and oral comprehensive examination at the close of the didactic segment of the program and prior to moving forward into the dissertation phase. 

  • Students will be tested on key elements from the program and must demonstrate a well-founded comprehension and understanding of all three program content areas (leadership, exercise science, and education). 
  • The examination is designed to ensure that all students have the knowledge and skill base required for the award of a doctorate.
  • The student will qualify to take the comprehensive exam if the student’s overall grade point average for the didactic phase of the program is a 3.00 or higher. 
  • Both components of the comprehensive examination are offered to students as a pass/fail exercise.
  • Failure to pass either the written or the oral comprehensive examination equates to not moving forward to the dissertation phase. 
  • Students may reattempt the examination after consultation with the program director and/or advisor. 
  • A second failed attempt of either the written or the oral comprehensive examination will result in dismissal from the program.
  • The written and oral comprehensive exams will be scheduled during the fall semester of the second year. The written exam will occur first followed by the oral exam.
  • The written and the oral components will be prepared and evaluated by the program director and a panel of doctoral faculty. 
  • The oral exam will be used to clarify answers to the written exam and to explore topics for the student’s dissertation. 
  • After the student has successfully completed both the written and the oral competency examination the student will qualify to begin the dissertation phase of the curriculum.

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