Wellness and Fitness and Rehabilitation Science

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Winter Start

Winter Session6

PRF 700Orientation to Exercise Science and Wellness3
PRF 701Advanced Topics in SAQ and Endurance Training3

Spring Semester9

PRF 711Integrated Approach to Wellness & Fitness3
PRF 720Essentials of Human Movement Science3
PRF 770Exercise Physiology: Assessment and Exercise Prescription3

Summer Session I6

PRF 705Industrial, Clinical, and Corporate Wellness3
PRF 715Business and Entrepreneurship in the Fitness Industry3

Summer Session II6

PRF 765Nutrition for Peak Performance3
PRF 781Current Topics in Wellness & Fitness3

Fall Semester9

PRF 751Program Design in Wellness & Fitness3
PRF 712Corrective Exercise in Rehabilitation3
PRF 800Research in Wellness and Fitness3

Winter Session3

PRF 782Current Topics in Rehabilitation3

Spring Semester9

PRF 760Leadership and Professional Development3
PRF 752Corrective Exercise Program Design3
PRF 820Research in Rehabilitation3

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