Summer 2016 Cohort

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Summer 2016 Cohort

Please note, in order to begin in the Summer you must have transferred in EAS 150

BUS Course Descriptions
EAS Course Descriptions
GIS Course Descriptions
JUR Course Descriptions
LAW Course Descriptions

*LAW 420 may be replaced with GIS 314.  Pre-req for GIS 314 is GIS 311.  GIS 314 will be offered Fall of 2016, 15 weeks.

Summer 2016 Semester12

EAS 315Surface Geology for Land Management - first 5 weeks3
EAS 316Subsuface Geology for Land Management - second 5 weeks3
GIS 311Geographic Information Systems3
JUR 310Medieval Jurisprudence3

Fall 2016 Semester15

GIS 314Spatial Land Data in the Oil and Gas Industry3

Spring 2017 Semester12

LAW 370Administrative Law - first 8 weeks3
LAW 415Contract Law for Legal Support Staff - second 8 weeks3
BUS 345Business Ethics3
JUR 300Classical Jurisprudence3

Fall 2017 Semester12

JUR 320Anglo-American Jurisprudence3
LAW 305Land Management and Administration3
LAW 405Oil and Gas Law3
LAW 350Real Estate Law - second 8 weeks3

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