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Student Objectives

The key to success in the Master’s of Legal Studies will inevitably be intellectual and organizational.  The study of law and its diverse applications requires many talents – none more compelling than those related to deductive reasoning and the synthesis of information.  Graduate law study demands the power to organize and assimilate far more information than most students experience in other fields of study.  Legal Studies is not a degree for the fainthearted, but an excursion for those seeking healthy mental pressure and the type of intellectual exercise that is bound to produce a more coherent thinker and better person.

At end, the successful graduate will be able to:

  • Interpret and analyze legal materials such as case law and statutory materials
  • Explain the public policy impact of judicial ruling and legislative policy
  • Frame legal issues for specific legal dilemmas
  • Weigh and evaluate legal arguments, legal remedies in a particular dilemma
  • Conduct legal research on diverse topical coverage in law
  • Argue and advocate legal arguments
  • Draft and author a legal scholarship in form of paper, brief, memoranda and thesis
  • Creatively construct legal remedies to situations of first instance
  • Correlate the interplay between ethical and moral principles and the rule of law
  • Interpret, adjudge and apply the United States Constitution and its relevant Amendments
  • Define and categorize legal and human rights into complex legal issues
  • Incorporate legal method and reasoning into complex legal issues
  • Compare and contrast legal systems in national and global contexts
  • Assess legal questions and issues in particular settings whether it be the environment, correctional facilities, police stations, government and administrative agencies, business or other locations.
  • Evaluate and critique the law of crimes and the concept of criminal responsibility
  • Distinguish and differentiate civil, equitable and criminal subsystems
  • Categorize legal actions, litigation tactics and strategies and identify specific legal practice applicable in fact situations
  • Appraise the interrelationship and effects, incarcerate and punish in the correctional setting
  • Discover career tracks and opportunities related to law and its practice
  • Identify and predict how law and legislation influences the community
  • Problem solve in legal settings

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"Simply put, furthering my education at Cal U has been one of the best and most rewarding decisions I have made.  I highly recommend the online Graduate program at Cal U as it allows students to receive a first-class education in a format that makes balancing work, life and school simple.  The success that can be achieved through Cal U's Graduate program is immeasurable!"

Miranda Hoit, Chief Administrative Paralegal and Compliance Investigator, MTR Gaming Group