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PSM Applied Mathematics (30 credits)

Please visit the graduate catalog to read the Applied Mathematics course descriptions.

Applied Mathematics Course Sequence Summer Cohort Start

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Applied Mathematics Course Sequence Spring Cohort Start

Core Courses

PSA 611 Optimization and Operations Research I 3 credits
PSM 645 Applied Cryptography 3 credits
PSA 671 Advanced Multivariate Statistics 3 credits
PSM 675 Project Management 3 credits
PSM 760 Leadership and Professional Development 3 credits
PSM 799 PSM Capstone Course 6 credits


PSA 711 Optimization and Operations Research II 3 credits
PSA 715

Advanced Time Series and Stochastic Processes

3 credits
PSA 723

Advanced Nonparametric Statistics

3 credits
PSA 724

Advanced Numerical Analysis and Empirical Modeling

3 credits
PSA 725

Data Mining and Simulation Modeling

3 credits
PSM 721 Database Systems 3 credits

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