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Entry Level Portfolio Orientation

Welcome to California University of Pennsylvania.  The Department of Nursing welcomes you as you pursue your RN-BSN degree.

This information provides you with instructions on the Entry-Level Portfolio (ELP) requirements. Successful completion of the ELP results in earning General Education credits that are placed on your transcript!

The ELP consists of two parts – a written component and documentation that provides evidence of CPR certification and OSHA Bloodborne Pathogens training.

For the ELP written component, the students will describe how their knowledge of the discipline of nursing based on their clinical experiences and previous learning meet the nine entry-level learning objectives.  This consists of writing one-two paragraphs for each of the nine objectives.  There is no literature research component involved in the portfolio since it is based on the student’s RN or student’s nursing experiences only.  These nine entry-level objectives will be discussed further during the online orientation.

In general, the written portion should take approximately 2 hours for you to write your experiences related to the nine entry-level objectives and approximately 1 hour to edit your paper.  You will also need to compile additional documents to submit to the online drop box.

In order to prepare the ELP, students will enter the online RN-BSN Orientation Center prior to the start of classes.  Students are “enrolled” into the orientation immediately following their official acceptance into the RN-BSN program for an upcoming term.  Please read the online information as soon as possible to allow time for you to complete your own ELP.

Your payment and complete ELP are due no later than the first day of classes and you are encouraged to submit these items prior to this date. 

During the term that you begin the program, faculty advisors will evaluate the written component of the ELP and award General education credits. 

In order to prepare the ELP, students will participate in an online RN-BSN & ELP Orientation prior to the start of classes.  Students are “enrolled” into the orientation immediately following their official acceptance into the RN-BSN program for an upcoming term.  Please complete the online orientation as soon as possible to allow time for you to complete your own ELP.

The online RN-BSN & ELP Orientation is offered through Desire2Learn, the same platform that is used as a supplement for your nursing courses.  You will access the orientation through a “Community Shell”.

Prior to navigating the online RN-BSN & ELP Orientation, please review the attached instructions for course registration, login, ordering books for your upcoming courses, and your Cal U email account.  See instructions to login to access the online RN-BSN & ELP Orientation below.

Login to access the online RN-BSN & ELP Orientation:

  • In order to access the ELP Orientation you must have been accepted into the RN-BSN program for the current term.
  • Desire 2 Learn (D2L) is the learning management platform for Cal U. To access Desire2Learn (D2L), you now must log in to the Vulcan Information Portal (VIP):
  • You can do this by going to and click Vulcan Information Portal (VIP) link on the left side of the homepage.
    • Here is the direct link:
    • Your VIP username is the first part of your CALU e-mail address. Example: , username = abc1234
    • Once logged in to VIP, you will find the link to D2L within the Academic Info tab.

If you are having difficulties using any of the course tools, please contact Desire2Learn Technical Support at 1-877-325-7778 or Click Here to submit an issue via email. The D2L Help Desk is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

The entire set of required documents for the Entry Level Portfolio are: 

Documents –all documents will be current:

  • Documentation of current CPR Certification (minimum Basic Cardiac Life Support)
  • Evidence of completion of OSHA Review on Bloodborne Pathogens Training at one's place of work.  If not available from one's place of work, students may complete the programmed instruction on Bloodborne Pathogens and submit the responses to the quiz.

Written Portion:

  • Written paper addressing “Entry-Level Objectives” for the RN-BSN Program is due no later than the first day of class.
  • Simple set of instructions: 
  • Write one paragraph about your career goals
  • Write one to two paragraphs about each of the 9 Entry Level Objectives by describing a scenario that you experienced at work, or by describing what you do at work that addresses the Entry Level Objective. If you need a little more guidance, look at the Competencies under each Entry Level Objective. NOTE: you do not need to write separate paragraphs for each of the Competencies!
  • Format the entire document in double space, Times Roman 12 point font.
  • Place a title page on the entire document:

                   Entry Level Portfolio
                   Your name
                   California University of Pennsylvania
                   Starting Term and Year (e.g. Spring, 20--)

    • Save the document as "ELP- Your Name-Term Year".
    • Upload it to your starting term admissions dropbox in the RN-BSN Orientation Shell for your site, e.g., Cal U Main Campus, CCAC-South Campus or Online Students.

ELP Registration Form & Payments

The ELP Fee of $225 covers the Orientation session and the Entry Level Portfolio, including the written portfolio evaluation by faculty, and the awarding of 12 General education credits.

IMPORTANT!  Full payment is required in order to have faculty review your documents and award credits, and you will not be able to register for the next semester.

Complete the attached ELP Registration Form and submit payment of $225.00 as a cashier's check or money order made payable to California University of Pennsylvania and mail to:

                    California University of PA
                    Mary Adams, Secretary Department of Nursing
                    1750 Clairton Road, Room G-309-E
                    West Mifflin, PA 15122
                    Phone: 412-469-4332
                    Fax: 412-469-6315


For questions about documents needs, fees, or submitting your documents, contact Mary Adams at or 412-469-4332.  If you have questions about the written portion of the ELP, she will forward your questions to a faculty advisor who will contact you directly with a response.

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