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Post Bachelor's Certificate: Exercise Science: FacultyPost Bachelor's Certificate: Exercise Science: Faculty

Post Bachelor's Certificate: Exercise Science: Faculty

All of the faculty members in the exercise science and health promotion online degree program have taken an eCertification course preparing them to use the technology and showing them how to teach in a web-based environment. Our faculty members frequently discuss web-based course pedagogy and curriculum design with each other and various other professionals. Additionally, they have a wide variety of expertise in their respective fields of study, with more than 75% holding earned doctorates in their discipline. Click on each of their profiles below to learn more about their experience, publications, awards and contact information.


  • Photo of Dr. Marc S. Federico

    Dr. Marc S. Federico



  • Photo of Melissa Hatton

    Melissa Hatton

    Adjunct Professor

    Melissa Hatton lives in the South Hills of Pittsburgh with her husband and two children. More

  • Jeffrey R. Hatton

    Associate Professor


  • Photo of Dr. Linda Platt Meyer

    Dr. Linda Platt Meyer


    Dr. Linda Platt Meyer, a full professor at California University of Pennsylvania, teaches a More

  • Photo of Dr. Benjamin Reuter

    Dr. Benjamin Reuter

    Associate Professor

    Dr. Reuter is an associate professor in the Department of the Exercise Science and Sport More

  • Photo of Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby

    Dr. Christine Romani-Ruby


    An internationally renowned teacher with 25 years of experience in clinical practice, Dr. Ruby More

  • Photo of Dr. Ronald Wagner

    Dr. Ronald Wagner

    Associate Professor


  • Photo of Dr. Ellen J. West

    Dr. Ellen J. West

    Associate Professor

    West has taught a variety of the web-based and on-campus courses. These include courses in the  More