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Administrative Program for Principals Certification (K-12):  CurriculumAdministrative Program for Principals Certification (K-12):  Curriculum

Administrative Program for Principals Certification (K-12): Curriculum

If you already have an approved master's degree, you may complete certification requirements through the following 24 credits of courses.

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All students note: Completion of an approved certification program is a requirement for certification in Pennsylvania. In the certification process, the University informs the state that a student has completed the University's state-approved program. The state then reviews the student's credentials and determines eligibility for certification. We encourage all students to contact the Pennsylvania Department of Education before beginning Cal U's program for further information about certification requirements in Pennsylvania. 

All students who will be seeking certification outside of Pennsylvania are responsible for securing and following the certification requirements in the state in which they intend to apply for certification.

All students must apply for endorsement for certification through the program coordinator, Dr. Silvia Braidic , to initiate the process.

Administrative Program for Principals Certification (K-12): Curriculum 24 credits

Course requirements for all students
ADP 641 School Community Relations Seminar 3
ADP 647 Orientation and Assessment (first course)  3
ADP 621 Curriculum Leadership Using a Standards-Aligned System  3
ADP 661 Educational Leadership  3
ADP 631 School Law and Ethics  3
ADP 626 Instructional Leadership and Strategies for Inclusive Classrooms  3
ADP 670 Internship: Part 1  3
ADP 670 Internship: Part 2  3

The following 6 credits are for students seeking a Master of Education with K-12 Principal Certification:

 Course Name
ADP 664 – Field Project/Leadership 3
ADP 673 – Field Project/Research and Evaluation  3

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