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SAS Data Science Certificate Program - Graduate

SAS Data Science Certificate Program

Enhance your resume or advance your career with a 100% online SAS Data Science Certificate from California University of Pennsylvania.

Cal U has partnered with SAS, whose software is the industry standard for advanced data analysis, to offer this certificate program to bachelor’s degree holders in any field.

Classes begin in fall 2017.

SAS partnership

SAS has reviewed and approved all coursework in Cal U’s 15-credit data science certificate program. You’ll learn SAS skills entirely online, so you can earn the certificate while continuing to meet professional and family obligations.

Students in this hands-on certificate program use real-world data and the same SAS software utilized in 80,000 sites around the world.

Expertise in SAS analytics has been ranked the most valuable career-focused skill in today’s job market, boosting pay by an average of 6.1%. SAS skills correlate to:

  • Higher pay.
  • Job opportunities.
  • Career advancement.

Demand for SAS talent is high: SAS expects the big data workforce to expand to 346,000 professionals by 2020.

Program benefits

  • Add the SAS Data Science Certificate to your master’s degree program or earn the certificate as a stand-alone credential that can enhance your resume or advance your career.
  • Complete the online coursework on your own schedule, without stepping away from your career. It takes just four 3-credit courses and one 3-credit capstone project to earn your SAS Data Science Certificate.
  • Earn the certificate in just three terms, or in one 10-week summer session.
  • Learn to use SAS software to process information and make sense of data. No complicated math formulas or heavy coding needed.
  • Become eligible to sit for two SAS exams to qualify to be a SAS Certified Big Data Professional; receive a 50% discount on SAS testing fees.

Data analysis is widely used — and not only in business and science. Data scientists find employment in a variety of fields, including:

  • Academic research.
  • Advertising and marketing.
  • Film and video production.
  • Government and politics.
  • Psychology and sociology.
  • Retail and e-commerce.
  • Social media and online search.

Admission requirements

Individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree in any major may register for the post-baccalaureate SAS Data Science Certificate program, providing they graduated with at least a 2.8 grade-point average.


Dr. Melissa Sovak, a former market research analyst, is director of the SAS Data Science Certificate program at Cal U.

Sovak holds a master’s degree and a Ph.D. in statistics from the University of Pittsburgh and a M.S. in Computational Mathematics from Duquesne University. Statistics education is Sovak’s passion, as well as her research interest, and she has published extensively on topics such as statistical software, statistical reasoning and color models for image decomposition.


Courses may be taken in any order, with the exception of the capstone course, MAT 605, which must be taken last.

Fall start: Students who begin the program in fall take MAT 603 and MAT 604 in the fall semester, MAT 601 during the winter term, and MAT 602 and 605 in the spring semester.

Summer start: Students may complete the entire program during the summer term by taking MAT 601 and MAT 602 in the first 5-week session, MAT 605 and MAT 603 in the second 5-week session, and MAT 604 over the 10-week term.

MAT 601Data Preparation and Cleaning3
MAT 602Data Visualization3
MAT 603Big Data Tools3
MAT 604Big Data Analytics3
MAT 605Data Analytics Capstone Project 3

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