Master of Science in Sport Management Studies: Sport Mentorship and Careers

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Master of Science in Sport Management Studies: Sport Mentorship and CareersMaster of Science in Sport Management Studies: Sport Mentorship and Careers

Master of Science in Sport Management Studies: Sport Mentorship and Careers

Sport Mentorship

The sport mentorship experience provides you with an opportunity to demonstrate the ability to apply sport management theory and principles in the practical setting. You will be afforded the flexibility to select the site in which you will complete your mentorship, or you may work with our faculty in selecting a site. 

Students are often able to complete the mentorship in their current places of employment. All mentorship sites are subject to approval by the sport management studies program coordinator. You must complete all other coursework before enrolling in sport mentorship. A minimum of 300 contact hours at an approved mentorship site is required.  During the mentorship, you'll also be required to complete a weekly journal, mentorship experience report, supervisor evaluation and mentorship project.

Career Opportunities

Our sport management studies program was created to meet the needs of working sport industry professionals looking to increase their knowledge of sport management and obtain a high level of professional growth.

Emphasis is placed on preparing students for positions of management and leadership within the sport industry. The program recognizes the need for developing the student's capacity to solve many problems arising from ever-changing economic difficulties, political and regulatory conditions, and marketing strategies. Students study and discuss real-life scenarios to ensure their competency in today's competitive sport industry.

Graduates of this program have gone on to find well-paying positions in the sports field. Some of the positions they hold include athletic director, head football coach, fitness center director, assistant principal and physical education instructor.

Cal U prepares you to enter the workforce with knowledge, integrity, character and experience. With the help of Career Services, we'll connect you to potential employers through networking events, job shadowing opportunities, on-campus recruiting, job and internship fairs, and organizational visits. 

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Where Our Graduates Are Working

Our graduates are sought by important and well-known employers in the sport industry. Among the many employers of our graduates are these organizations:

Gold's Gym

Interscholastic Athletics in the vast majority of US sates

Major League Baseball

Minor League Baseball

NAIA Intercollegiate Athletics

NCAA Division I, II, III Intercollegiate Athletics



NJCAA Intercollegiate Athletics

Public Parks and Recreation



US Military