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Master of Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education: CurriculumMaster of Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education: Curriculum

Master of Education: Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Education: Curriculum

The courses in the M. Ed. STEM Education program are listed below. Course descriptions can be found on another webpage. The program consists of 10 three credit graduate courses. Two courses are offered every semester for 5 semesters so as a busy professional you can earn this masters degree while you continue working.

You will enter the program with a cohort of students that take all 10 courses together over 21 months. Like you, your colleagues in the courses have a passion for educating children and improving their ability to teach the STEM disciplines. The community that is created through online text discussions, group assignments and sharing teaching strategies provides support as you pilot changes to your teaching. The courses invite you to share your experiences and teaching tips with classmates as you soak up the rich experiences others in class share with you.

The courses are designed to immerse you in the latest research and best practices for teaching early childhood, elementary and middle school children science, technology, engineering and math individually or through an integrated approach. You will read articles about STEM education, view online video, engage in online text discussions, complete assignments with children, experiment with STEM content and find the resources you need to become a more effective teacher. The overall goals of the program are to provide you with the tools to grow your ability to teach STEM disciplines AND to develop teacher leadership skills that will enable you to mentor colleagues, improve STEM curriculum/instruction and design high quality professional development experiences.

There are many reasons to select Cal U¹s global online STEM Education program. Please review the courses below and consider if they align with your professional development plans.

Example of a STEM ED Course Sequence

The program is typically scheduled to have two courses (6-credits) a semester for 5 semesters so that you can continue to work a full time job while taking classes online. Although course sequences can change here is one example:

Semester 1

Semester 2

Semester 3

Semester 4

Semester 5

EDE 770

EDE 772

EDE 701

RES 800

EDE 776

EDE 773

EDE 771

TED 775

EDE 774

EDE 765

Core Courses

RES 800Methods of Research3
EDE 701Standards Aligned Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction3

Specialized Courses

EDE 770The Nature of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Inquiry Learning in Elementary/Middle Schools3
EDE 771Teaching Elementary & Middle School Children Earth and Space Science3
EDE 772Teaching Elementary & Middle School Children Life Science 3
EDE 773Teaching Elementary & Middle School Children Physical Science3
EDE 774Teaching Elementary & Middle School Children Math3
EDE 765Teachers as Leaders3

Cognate Courses

TED 775Integrating Technology in Elementary/Middle School STEM Curriculum3

Capstone Courses

EDE 776Integrative Project in Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics Education3