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Mortuary Science ConcentrationMortuary Science Concentration

Mortuary Science Bachelors Degree Programs Pennsylvania

The mortuary science concentration in the biology program at Cal U offers a program of study to prepare students to enter the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science (PIMS). Students complete six semesters of coursework at Cal U and then complete their senior year studying embalming methods and funeral direction at the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science.

The mortuary science track, through affiliation PIMS, is accredited through the American Board of Funeral Service EducationNational Association of Colleges of Mortuary Science and National Conference of Funeral Service Examining Boards of the United States Inc.

This program is designed for three years of approved study on campus and one year of study at PIMS. The curriculum requires 120 credits: 92 credits in required and elective Cal U courses and 28 credits at PIMS. Upon completion of the program, you'll be granted a Bachelor of Science degree from Cal U and a diploma from PIMS. Upon completion of a one-year resident intern period, you may apply for the state board examinations and licensure as a funeral director and embalmer.

Get a description of each of Cal U's biology courses from our Course Catalog. Contact PIMS for a description of its required courses.

Below is a recommended framework of courses for completing the degree in four years.

Bachelor of Science in Biology (Mortuary Science Concentration): 120 Credits 

First Semester – 14 credits
BIO 120 General Zoology4 crs.
MAT 181  College Algebra3 crs.
ENG 101 English Composition I                                                               3 crs.
UNI 100 First-Year Seminar1 cr.
General Education Course3 crs.

Second Semester – 15 credits
BIO 125 General Botany                                                                        4 crs.
ENG 102 English Composition II3 crs.
General Education Courses8 crs.

Third Semester – 17 credits
BIO 215 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology4 crs.
CHE 101 General Chemistry                                                                   4 crs.

COM 101 Oral Communication OR

COM 230 Argumentation and Debate

3 crs.
General Education Courses
6 crs.

Fourth Semester – 15 credits
BIO 3XX Upper-level BIO Elective                                                            4 crs.
CHE 102 General Chemistry II4 crs.
General Education Course
3 crs.
 Free Electives4 crs.

Fifth Semester – 16 credits
BIO 326 General Microbiology4 crs.
BIO 306 Human Anatomy                                                                      4 crs.
Free Electives4 crs.
General Education Courses
4 crs.

Sixth Semester – 17 credits
BIO 328: Human Physiology                                                                  4 crs.
Free Electives13 crs.

Seventh Semester – 13 credits
Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science                                                 13 crs.

Eighth Semester – 13 credits
Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science                                                 13 crs.