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Associate Degree: Computer Engineering TechnologyAssociate Degree: Computer Engineering Technology

Associate Degree: Computer Engineering Technology

Cal U’scomputer engineering technology program develops and produces graduates who will be an integral part of the high-tech economy of Pennsylvania and the nation. Our program is a combination of theoretical and practical concepts in electrical engineering technology, computer engineering technology, mathematics, computer science, natural science and general education that lead to the Associate of Science degree.

We emphasize application of current technology to practical problems and situations. As a graduate of the program, you will be prepared to find employment as a technician in the field. You may also apply for admission to the Bachelor of Science computer engineering technology program with no loss of credits. To complete the requirements for the Bachelor of Science degree, about two additional years of study are necessary.

A graduate of the associate degree program in computer engineering technology may apply for professional certification as an Associate Computing Professional (ACP) through the Institute for Certification of Computing (ICCP).
Graduates of the program will have:

  1. Effective communication ability in both interpersonal and group environments utilizing written, oral, visual and graphic means. You will learn how to write technical lab reports, conduct presentations of technical information orally, and create and interpret visual data through the use of schematics and diagrams.
  2. Adaptable skills and abilities necessary to contribute to today's changing technologies and a desire for lifelong learning. You will learn how to skillfully use information acquisition tools, implement technology effectively and generate and predict technological events on timelines, such as project development schedules.
  3. Critical thinking skills useful in identifying, evaluating and solving complex technical and non-technical problems. You will critically analyze all aspects of completed problems, precisely define them while offering solutions, apply technology, assess potential solution methods, and evaluate and solve the problems.
  4. Highly developed ethical standards and personal discipline needed for success. You will learn to recognize the associated ethical issues resulting from a course of action and will be familiar with the IEEE and ABET codes of ethics. You will develop the confidence to be able to complete the required assignments using time management skills and display professionalism in daily scholastic activities.
  5. Appreciative understanding of the cultural and personal diversity vital to today's international technology-based marketplace. You will participate in multicultural experiences to enhance their knowledge of cultural diversity in corporate operations.
  6. Effective interpersonal skills and attitudes necessary for successful participation as a team member. You will possess effective teamwork skills and will be able to appreciate group dynamics and its importance in accomplishing team projects.

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