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Computer Engineering Technology: CurriculumComputer Engineering Technology: Curriculum

Computer Engineering Technology: Curriculum

Our curriculum offers you a strong blend of theoretical and practical concepts in electrical engineering technology, software engineering technology, hardware engineering technology, mathematics, computer science, natural science and general education. Get a description of each of these courses from our Course Catalog.

Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Engineering Technology - 124 Credits

The following eight-semester schedule of courses provides a recommended framework for completing this program of study in four years. College Algebra (3 crs.) and College Trigonometry (3 crs.) may be substituted for Pre-Calculus, if math placement test score does not permit direct entry into Pre-Calculus, or if students would prefer less intense coverage of this material.

First Semester – 14 credits
 Course Credits
**CSC 120 Problem Solving and Programming Constructs3 crs.
*EET 110  Electrical Circuits I4 crs.
**GET 130 Introduction to Engineering Technology3 crs.
**MAT 199 Pre-Calculus3 crs.
**UNI 100 First-Year Seminar1 crs.

Second Semester – 16 credits
 Course Credits
**CSC 124 Computer Programming I3 crs.
*EET 160 Electrical Circuits II
4 crs.
**ENG 101 English Composition I  
3 crs.
*MAT 195 Discrete Mathematical Structure
3 crs.
General Education Course
3 crs.

Third Semester – 16 credits
*CET 235 Digital Electronic Design 4 crs.
*CSC 265  Object-Oriented Programming 3 crs.
**ECO 100 Elements of Economics 3 crs.
**ENG 217 Scientific and Technical Writing I 3 crs.
**MAT 281 Calculus I     3 crs.

Fourth Semester – 14 credits
 *CET 270 Introduction to Microprocessor Design 4 crs.
 *CSC 328 Data Structures 3 crs.
 *MAT 282 Calculus II 3 crs.
 **PHY 101 College Physics I 4 crs.

Fifth Semester – 14 credits
*CET 335 Microprocessor Interfacing4 crs.
*CET 350 Technical Computing using Java3 crs.
*EET 215 Introduction to Instrumentation  3 crs.

*PHY 202 College Physics II

4 crs.


Sixth Semester – 16 credits
*CET 360 Microprocessor Engineering4 crs.
**CSC 306 FORTRAN3 crs.
*CSC 400 Operating Systems3 crs.
*MAT 341 Linear Algebra3 crs.
 General Education Course3 crs.

Seventh Semester – 14 credits
*CET 440 Computer Networking4 crs. 
*CET 490 Senior Project I   3 crs.
*Approved Technical Elective4 crs.
*General Education Course3 crs.

Eighth Semester – 16 credits
*CET 492 Senior Project II  3 crs.
*CSC 378 Computer Architecture3 crs.
*Approved Technical Elective
4 crs.
General Education Courses
6 crs.

* Required major and related courses
** Required and recommended General Education courses