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CET Educational Program ObjectivesCET Educational Program Objectives

Program Objectives

The general goal of the computer engineering technology program is to provide students with a broad understanding of fundamental engineering knowledge and technical skills as well as in-depth knowledge in the areas of computer science, computer engineering technology, digital electronics, mathematics and physical sciences. The objectives of the CET program are to produce graduates who can:

  1. Function effectively individually and in team-oriented, open-ended activities with critical thinking to assess and evaluate complex technical and nontechnical problems in an industrial environment;
  2. Communicate effectively in oral, written, visual and graphical modes in interpersonal and group situations at a level of effectiveness expected by industry employers;
  3. Remain technically current and adapt to rapidly changing technologies through further formal or informal education;
  4. Identify and understand professional ethical situations in business, industry and society;
  5. Blend theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to solve technical problems;
  6. Apply embedded-based technologies and software engineering to solve technical problems; and
  7. Understand and apply project specifications, documentation and standards requirements within the engineering design process.