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Early Childhood Education Services: CurriculumEarly Childhood Education Services: Curriculum

Early Childhood Education Services: Curriculum

By combining classroom learning and field experiences, our faculty is dedicated to creating a dynamic community of learners and self-assured graduates ready to make an impact on their chosen profession. Students will follow the same course schedule for the early childhood education certification program until their junior year. After that, their paths diverge.

Get a description of each of Cal U's early childhood education courses from our Course Catalog.

Bachelor of Science in Education: Early Childhood Education Services: 120 Credits

First Semester – 16 credits
UNI 100 First-Year Seminar1 cr.
ENG 101 English Composition I3 crs.
PSY 216 Child Psychology: Birth to Age 43 crs.
MAT 120 Elementary Topics in Math I3 crs.
GEO/POS/ECO 102 Social Sciences3 crs. 
General Education Course3 crs. 

Second Semester – 15 credits
British or American Literature Course3 crs.
MAT 130 Elementary Topics in Math II
3 crs.
General Education Course6 crs.
PSY 217 Child Psychology: Age 5 to 93 crs.

Third Semester – 15 credits
ELE 200 Introduction to Pre-K-Grade 4 Education3 crs.
ELE 220 Instruction and Assessment K-43 crs.
HSC 250 Health and Physical Education for Pre-K-Grade 4
3 crs.
PSY 208 Educational Psychology 3 crs.
General Education Course3 crs.

Fourth Semester – 15 credits
ELE 410 Field Experience Pre-K3 crs.
ELE 300 Emerging Literacy3 crs.
ELE 310 Teaching Math and Science Pre-K3 crs.
ESP 210 Special Education Foundations and Collaborations  3 crs.
General Education Course3 crs.

Fifth Semester – 15 credits
ELE 221 Instruction and Assessment K-43 crs.
ELE 301 Literacy Foundations I: Language Arts    3 crs.
ELE 302 Literacy Foundations II: Reading3 crs.
ESP 311 Assessment and Positive Behavior Interventions 3 crs.
General Education Course 3 crs. 

Sixth Semester – 15 credits
Course Credits
ELE 311 Teaching Math K-43 crs.
ELE 321 Teaching Science K-43 crs.
ELE 331 Teaching Social Studies 3 crs. 
ELE 411 Field Experience  K-4
3 crs.
EDU 333 Technology in Teaching and Learning 3 crs.

Seventh Semester – 15 credits
Concentration Course3 crs.
EDU 350 Supporting English Language Learners 3 crs.
ELE 350 Family and Community Relations3 crs.
MUS/ART/THE 372 Creative Arts for Elementary Education
3 crs.
Ethics/Multiculturalism Course3 crs.

Eighth Semester – 15 credits
300-level or Above Related Electives 6 crs.
General Education Course 9 crs.