Environmental Studies: Leadership and Management TrackEnvironmental Studies: Leadership and Management Track

Environmental Studies: Leadership and Management Track

Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies: Leadership and Management Track: 120 credits

The leadership and management track in the environmental studies program at Cal U is designed to prepare students to enter the workforce in the private sector. Graduates will complete a combination of biology, political science and business courses. The intent of this degree is to provide training for entry-level positions with such groups as environmental consulting firms. You’ll learn how to solve real-life environmental problems and how to lead individuals, groups and organizations more effectively.

Below is the recommended framework of courses for completing your degree in four years.

First Semester – 15 credits
BIO 120 General Zoology4 crs.
CHE 101 General Chemistry I4 crs.
ENG 101 English Composition I3 crs.
UNI 100 First-Year Seminar1 cr.
General Education Course
3 crs.

Second Semester – 14 credits
BIO 125 General Botany4 crs.
CHE 102 General Chemistry II4 crs.
ENG 211 Business Writing3 crs.
COM 101 Oral Communications3 crs.

Third Semester – 14 credits
BIO 215 Introduction to Cellular and Molecular Biology4 crs.
MAT 181 College Algebra OR
MAT 273 Basic Calculus OR
MAT 281 Calculus I
3 crs.
LEA 100 Introduction to Leadership3 crs.
PHI 121 General Physics I4 crs. 

Fourth Semester – 16 credits
BIO 248 General Ecology4 crs.
MAT 215 Statistics3 crs.
PHI 308 Bioethics3 crs.
General Education Courses
6 crs.

Fifth Semester – 15 credits
Leadership Minor Course3 crs.
ENS 495 Design and Analysis3 crs.
GIS 311 Geographic Information System3 crs.
PHI 325 Philosophy of Science3 crs.
BUS 100 Introduction to Business3 crs.

Sixth Semester – 13 credits
ENS 435 Law Planning and Policy3 crs.
ENS 399 Conservation Biology3 crs.
ECO 100 Elements of Economics 3 crs.
Free Elective4 crs.

Summer or Winter Break Junior Year – 6 credits
LEA 397 Leadership Internship6 crs.

Seventh Semester – 13 credits
Leadership Minor Course6 crs.
Biology-related Elective4 crs.
General Education Course
3 crs.

Eighth Semester – 14 credits
LEA 400 Leadership Seminar3 crs.
General Education Course
6 crs.
Biology Related Elective5 crs.