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General Education Options

The General Education Options Category exists so that Colleges, Departments and Programs can tailor the allocation of General Education credits to best meet their students' needs and educational goals.  The 12 credits may be allocated within the following parameters:

  • All courses used to fulfill the Gen Ed Options requirement must appear on one of the Gen Ed Menus.
  • Three credits must be allocated to the Ethics and Multicultural Emphasis List (or a subset of that list).  See the EMEL page for more details.
  • At a minimum, the program, department, or college must specify the Gen Ed menu for at least one of the courses (3 credits).  Specific Gen Ed courses, or a list of courses, may also be indicated.  A program advisement sheet could specify all 12 credits.
  • This requirement may be used to specific a writing or composition courses beyond ENG 101 from the Intermediate Composition menu for departments with a documented need (internal or external).
  • Students may select courses from any general education menu to fulfill any unspecified credits.
  • Students may complete the 101, 201 and 203 courses in any one modern language to fulfill 9 credits toward Gen Ed Options.  This would simultaneously fulfill the Ethics and Multicultural Emphasis Goal.

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