General Education: Health and Wellness (3 credits)

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General Education: Health and WellnessGeneral Education: Health and Wellness

General Education: Health and Wellness

Students will have an understanding of the various means by which they may fulfill their potential as healthy people living in healthy communities. Wellness is the result of individuals making intelligent decisions concerning the various factors that can affect their overall health. Courses must include one or more of the following emphases: eating and exercising toward a healthy lifestyle; building healthy relationships; understanding and preventing disease; explaining drug use and abuse; and making healthy choices.


  • To compare and contrast healthy and unhealthy lifestyles, relationships, drug use, choices, etc.;
  • To explain and predict factors affecting health;
  • To interpret and apply health principles to their lives; and
  • To analyze, design and assess individual health plans.

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ANT 231, ATE 340, BIO 112, GEO 360, HSC 115, HSC 250, HSC 315, NUR 101, NUR 120, PSY 222, SOW 303, SOW 315