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General Education: Laboratory CoursesGeneral Education: Laboratory Courses

General Education: Laboratory Courses

Four criteria have been established for laboratory courses. All four criteria must be reflected in the course syllabus.

  1. A laboratory course should emphasize discipline-specific methodologies and logic used to systematically investigate the world;
  2. A laboratory course should provide students with the opportunity to use the methodologies and models of inquiries specific to their discipline in the selection, definition, solution, analysis, and evaluation of problems/questions independently and/or collaboratively;
  3. A laboratory course should include the evaluation and assessment of student performance from the laboratory experiences; and
  4. A minimum of 30% of instruction time and 30% of the final grade of a course must be devoted to laboratory activities in order for the course to be considered for the laboratory component menu of general education.

(Specific discipline is relative to the course and not to the student’s discipline of study.)

Menu Courses

ANT 101, ANT 232, ANT 254, ART 130, BIO 120, BIO 125, BIO 130, BIO 232, CHE 101, CHE 102, EAS 100, EAS 150, EAS 240, GCM, 180, GCM 320, GCM 331, GCM 340, HIS 311, HSC 120, JUS 380, MUS 380, PHS 120, PHS 137, PHY 101, PHY 121, PHY 122, PHY 202, POS 301, POS 317, POS 319, THE 341