General Education: Natural Sciences (6–8 credits)

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General Education: Natural SciencesGeneral Education: Natural Sciences

General Education: Natural Sciences

Students will have a basic understanding of the natural sciences, which are concerned with people’s relationship with the physical world. The various branches of natural science seek to understand the processes and components of the natural world and encompass physics (matter and energy and their interrelations and transformations), biology (living organisms and their essential processes), chemistry (the physical properties and composition of nature and its products) and other disciplines.


  • To identify major concepts in natural science disciplines, which provide insights into the breadth of those disciplines and their relationship to other disciplines;
  • To illustrate the relationship between models, experiments, theories and laws;
  • To illustrate the generation and testing of data;
  • To apply concepts and knowledge to the solution of problems; and
  • To analyze and evaluate the limitations of collected data and design possible alternative interpretations.

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