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Aging Specialist CertificateAging Specialist Certificate

Aging Specialist Certificate Pennsylvania | Gerontology

Interested in an in-depth study of aging? As part of the gerontology program, the 18-credit Aging Specialist Certificate is designed for those professionals who are currently working with older adults as well as undergraduates majoring in other areas (such as social work, nursing, communication disorders, psychology and sociology).

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Below is a recommended framework of courses for earning the Certificate.

Required Courses - 9 credits
Course Credits
GTY 100: Introduction to Gerontology 3
GTY 300: Aging Policies and Services 3
GTY 315: Practicum in Gerontology 3
Electives - 9 credits
Course Credits
GTY 200: Aging in American Society 3
GTY 305: Biology of Aging 3
GTY 310: Aging and the Family 3
GTY 320: Alternatives in Long Term Care 3
GTY 330: Dying, Death and Bereavement 3
GTY 340: Diversity in Aging 3
GTY 350: Ethical Issues in Aging 3
GTY 380: Wellness and Aging 3
GTY 400: Adult Development and Aging 3
GTY 410: Research Methods in Gerontology 3
GTY 430: Seminar in Gerontology 3