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Graphics and Multimedia: Internships and CareersGraphics and Multimedia: Internships and Careers

Graphics and Multimedia: Internships and Careers

One of the biggest differences between the Graphics and Multimedia programand the Graphic Design program at California University of Pennsylvania is thatthe Graphics and Multimedia program requires students to complete aninternship. We find that an internship experience provides students with a realworld experience in which they learn skills that aren't typically found in aclassroom. You can read more about internships by clicking the tab below.

Our B.S. in Graphics and Multimedia equips you with the knowledge andtechnical skills for successful careers in the fields of print and multimediatechnologies. Shortages exist for professionals in all phases of the printingand publishing industry, with experts estimating 35,000 to 50,000 unfilledpositions due to a lack of qualified workers. Graduates of our program havefound positions in the following areas: print production, graphic design,printing sales, quality control, estimating, finishing, and binding, webpublishing, product design, marketing, equipment sales, and technical service.You can read more about careers and job outlooks by clicking the tab below.

Internships and Careers

Internship Experience

An internship offers students an opportunity to acquire college-levelknowledge and skills outside the traditional academic setting through anaffiliation with community organizations, government agencies, or privatebusinesses. Student interns are placed with an organization that most nearlyapproximates employment goals. The intent of internship is to provide studentswith practical work experience in an environment in which they will be dealingwith real problems requiring real solutions in a relatively short time frame.The staff at the Internship Center will work with faculty, students, andcommunity organizations to create quality internships. Students will earn threecredits of internship.

Prerequisite: Upper Level Standing.

Students' Personal Internship Experiences

"My internship experience was an interesting and fun experience. I'm glad our major requires an internship. It makes you realize what its really like out there in the real world; the hard work, dedication and commitment. It also lets you experience a job that you would like you would like to pursue. This gives you hands on experience and also makes you realize if you really like this field or not!"
- Scarlett Steele, Class of 2014

"My first internship experience was very interesting because it was online and all the projects were submitted online but I did learn more about video editing.  My second internship experience was at Greentree Printing and Signs. I loved working there because I was around people and I learned a lot about design and how a small company operates."
-Sandra Hickey, Class of 2014

Graphics and Multimedia Careers

Printing and related occupations employ the third largest number of peoplein manufacturing in the United States. Printing has the second largest numberof establishments in the manufacturing industry in the U.S. as well.

Graduates of our program have found positions in print production, customerservice, graphic design, printing sales, digital prepress, quality control,estimating, scheduling, finishing and binding, print buying, web publishing,product design, marketing, equipment sales, and technical service.Opportunities are available with advertising agencies, publishers, commercialprinters, manufacturers of equipment and graphic communications suppliers, aswell as graphic communications electronic equipment and control systems.

Average starting salaries for graduates range from $32,000 to $44,000. Ourprogram has a 100% placement rate in recent years. To further assist you inyour career search, we engage in a strong alumni base and network of industryprofessionals to assist you with internships and post-graduation job placement.

California University of Pennsylvania prepares you to enter the workforcewith knowledge, integrity, character, and experience. With the help of CareerServices, we will connect you to potential employers through networkingevents, job shadowing opportunities, on-campus recruiting, job and internshipfairs, and organizational visits.

How has the GCM program prepared you for your career?

"GCM faculty have prepared me very well for a job in the future. They make you understand the importance of practicing on your own as well as in class. The Photoshop editing skills, web design, basics of photography, and layout and design skills are the most important skills to be learned in this major. The reason I say this, is because everyone needs to know the basics of it all."
- Scarlett Steele, Class of 2014

"I feel that the GCM program really prepared me for a job once I graduate because without knowing any of the graphics or computer programs that I wouldn't be able to find a job.  I know that all the classes that I have taken has prepared me and made me more knowledgeable to what kind of jobs I can get."
-Sandra Hickey, Class of 2014

"The GCM program has definitely prepared me for working in the real world. I really like that the major requires an internship because it requires you to get out there and experience things first-hand. I've learned numerous programs that I didn't even know the first thing about when I started here at Cal four years ago. I'm looking forward to starting my career as a graphic designer or web developer!"
-Amanda Baxter, Class of 2014

Where Our Students Have Interned

  • The UPS Store
  • Cortron Media
  • Cal U Tourism Research Center
  • Bee Graphix
  • Hoechstetter Printing
  • UPMC
  • Borough of Charleroi
  • Knepper Press Corporation
  • JL Screen Printing
  • Channel Craft
  • Minutemen Press
  • Greentree Printing and Signs
  • Pittsburgh Pirates

Where Our Graduates are Working

  • Alpha Graphics
  • American Thermoplastic Co.
  • Brown Painting
  • Graphic Arts Technical Foundation
  • Hoechstetter Printing
  • Mega Graphix
  • Morgantown Printing and Binding
  • Multiscope Inc.
  • Nicoproductions
  • Perryopolis Area Joint Authority
  • Riverside Insurance Group