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Graphics and Multimedia: Degree OptionsGraphics and Multimedia: Degree Options

Graphics and Multimedia: Degree Options

The Graphics and Multimedia program at California University of Pennsylvania offers three options to students including a

The major differences of each program are:

  • The Bachelor’s of Science degree is a four-year, 120-credit program in which students are exposed to a wide variety of courses related to Graphic Communications. Students then apply the skills they have learned throughout their coursework during a 3 or more credit internship.
  • The Associate’s of Science degree is a two-year, 62-credit program in which students are exposed to several elements of Graphic Communications. This program does not require an internship.
  • The minor is 21 credits. Students from various majors can benefit from a minor in Graphics and Multimedia including: marketing, journalism, communications, graphic design, and art.

To view the specifics for each program, click on the links on the left. For a description of each of the courses in the Graphics and Multimedia major, you can view our Course Catalog.