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Exploring the Past

"Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it"

George Santayana


History is the study of human change over time; moreover, history uses the past to understand the present and the future.

Recognizing that human experience is continuous, historians seek to understand how people lived in the past and how their actions, societies, and leadership shaped their world and our own.

As a scholarly discipline, history fosters students' abilities to read critically, think analytically, communicate ideas effectively, and to examine human problems in light of ethical values.

Our history program encourages literate, critical thinking by students who work with faculty engaged in diverse, broadly based scholarship. As such, a student majoring in history, you will learn the basic components of traditional and contemporary theories, philosophies and ideologies as well as the functions and roles of major governmental, quasi-governmental and non-governmental institutions in different political systems and societies across time and space.

At California University of Pennsylvania, our faculty, specialize in areas such as: American History, European History, Public History, Native American History, African American History,  Ancient and Midieval History, Modern European History, French History, Race and Ethnicity in America, Religious Persecution, Contemporary American History, Constitutional History, and History of Sport; additionally, we offer courses in the History of Law and Latin American and World Histories. 

You will also be able to research and evaluate data, historical evidence and primary sources and compare, contrast and analyze the following:

  • Different historical and political chronologies
  • Different types of primary source materials 
  • Historical events as they apply to current events 
  • Different types of political, racial, ethnic, cultural, religious, philosophical and social systems, power structures and leadership styles across time and space


"The Past is Prologue!"

 William Shakespeare 





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Phi Alpha Theta - History Honors


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Spotlight on History

Need an interesting course?

HIS 311 - Intro to Public History (MWF 3PM) w/ Dr. Tuennerman


This course is an overview of the methods and arenas of the public historian. Through hands-on experience in such areas as museum design, collection development, museum education, archival management, historic preservation and historical editing, the student will gain an understanding of the challenges and rewards of the public historian. 


HIS 366 - Modern Latin America (MWF 11AM)

latin american art

The emergence of modern Latin America from independence to Castro; economic and social development of the region in the 20th century; struggle for social justice among diverse cultures; conflicts within Latin American political life; military dictatorships, parliamentary democracy, guerrilla warfare; and counterterrorism. 


HIS 440 - 19th Century America at War (MWF 10AM) w/ Dr. Smith

Mexican American War

This class examines the principal causes of U.S. Foreign wars (declared and undeclared) in the 19th century and the lasting consequences of those engagements, including political, legal, social, cultural, and economic factors. Students will study competing historical explanations for America's foreign wars, drawing their own conclusions about the efficacy of waging war.