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Bachelor of Arts in International StudiesBachelor of Arts in International Studies

B.A. in International Studies


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The International Studies program prepares students not only to be professionals in their fields, but also to become intellectually well-rounded individuals with a deep appreciation for other people’s cultures in order to live and participate in the global village of today’s world. 

The International Studies program operates under the philosophy that well-educated individuals are those who are knowledgeable in their particular specialties, as well as in the humanities and social and natural sciences. Moreover, they should possess the communication skills and cross-cultural expertise to deal positively and accurately in all diplomatic, cultural, social and business-related interchanges. Our Bachelor of Arts degree in international studies will enhance your skills in critical thinking and intellectual inquiry so as to ensure the development of skilled professionals for the global community.

The International Studies program is housed in Manderino Library, Room 440.

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Director's Blurb

An expanding demand for workers who understand global issues has prompted plans to consolidate Cal U’s program in international studies.

With real-life learning in mind, the streamlined program also would encourage students to travel and study abroad.

“The appeal to consolidate is based upon what we are hearing from students, who see the global economy as their job market,” says Dr. Sean Madden, a professor in the  department of History and Political Science.

Madden heads the committee dedicated to reconfiguring the Bachelor of Arts in International Studies.

“The current structure has become a little confusing for both students and administration,” he says. “We hope the proposed format will eliminate the confusion.”

Currently, about 40 students are enrolled in the international studies program. They are distributed across four departments: Modern Languages and Cultures, History and Political Science, Earth Sciences, and Business and Economics.

The proposed organization would place all students under a single international studies umbrella, with areas of concentration in science and technology, history and political science, and business and economics.

A concentration in global issues also would be available, for students who want a broader perspective on world affairs.

“We believe we have the resources to consolidate the program rather easily,” says Madden. “We have almost all the courses that are needed. We now can give students a central adviser, in addition to advisers across multiple disciplines.”

Madden and the committee worked with department chairs to identify courses that could support the program.

Only one new introductory course will be needed to complete the consolidation. Based on successful models from around the country, it would be designed to give students a multidisciplinary understanding of the field.

The consolidated program also would offer more opportunities to explore the world.

“We want to strongly encourage our students to participate in study-abroad programs,” Madden says.

“In addition to what our Modern Languages and Cultures Department offers, we have communicated with our 13 sister schools in the State System of Higher Education, to see what study-abroad programs they offer. We hope that our students will be able to participate in those programs.”

If the proposed consolidation is approved, the program could be implemented as soon as the Fall 2012 semester.

Students currently enrolled in the international studies program will have the option to continue under its original structure or switch to the new model, depending on their educational needs.

When the changes are in place, Madden says, he believes the

international studies program will be more competitive.

“This is an extremely viable major, and we anticipate growth. Our students are becoming more aware of global

studies, and they will become more appealing to the employer who needs an employee who understands issues and cultures around the world.” We want to strongly encourage our students to participate in study-abroad programs.

By Jeff Bender, PR and Web writer at Cal U