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Dear Students: 
Welcome! I urge you to read the instructional handbook closely and to prepare for the program soon to unfold.  I would like to stress a few pointers that will lead to success in this program. 

1. Read ahead, Read early and Prepare well in advance.

Purchase your texts well in advance of the program commencement date.  And read ahead!  If you fall behind early, the problems will just get worse rather than better.   

2. Stay in the Discussion and Actively Participate.

Part of the course delivery system assumes your regular and active participation at every level of the course.  You are being graded on your level of participation, and this grade will not be the same for those who remain silent for 6 weeks and then try to play catch up.  Discussion is a daily obligation and it is critical to your evaluation. 

3. Buy Books

Survival does depend on mastery of the material.  The texts in these courses are not window dressing but crucial components of instruction.  You may feel free to buy your text from any source, but be certain if not using the university bookstore, that you have the correct editions of the assigned texts. 

4. Ask Questions

If you run into difficulty, ask and re-ask, but do not expect others to do your work.  Every student has a certain set of expectations and a threshold of acceptable performance.   Contact your instructor and/or other administrative staff, but only after you have attempted to resolve your problem through proper means.  

5. Excuses from Testing and Assignments

There will be no excuses that allow differential treatment in the matter of testing and assignment evaluation.  Only in the event of demonstrable, verifiable and proven emergency do accommodations have to be made.   See the university catalog for further instructions.

6. Invest Energy

This activity, like all other in the human condition, is as beneficial and productive as you wish it to be.  No good thing should ever be guaranteed or easy.  We shall promise you a demanding and esoteric experience, but you must invest energy to achieve higher heights.  

7. Register for Classes

Full instructions for registration are provided in your student manual.   Please review the advisement sheet for graduation requirements. Register early to assure a place in your course of study. 

8. Complete the FAFSA

Cal U students are eligible for various guaranteed loan and grant programs- and at very high amounts with very low rates.  A FAFSA must be completed.  The institutional code is 003316.    

9. Spread the Word

Finally, tell us what you think.  We are surely interested in continuous improvement and open to sound suggestions.  And if you could, strengthen our program by telling others about what we do.  Anytime you can, promote the Jurisprudence program.  Its strength is yours. 

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